Stink from the blue: Plane poop hurts woman on ground

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BHOPAL: A 60-year-old suffered a shoulder injury after a football-sized chunk of ice fell on her from the sky in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh on December 17.

What was touted as a rare, celestial occurrence in the district’s Aamkhoh village, has now grabbed attention of aviation scientists, who believe the culprit could have been a commercial plane which unintentionally dropped a ball of frozen poo and urine from its toilet.

Experts said this was perhaps be the first incident in India in which a person was injured due to falling ice from a passing plane. Eyewitnesses claimed that the victim, Rajrani Gaud, is alive only because the ice chunk crashed into the edge of a terrace of a house before hitting her.

“I was only 25 feet away from the spot where the monster came crashing down. Children and villagers witnessed the fall and then heard screams. We ran to wards Rajrani’s house and referred her to hospital,” Deepak Jain, a government school teacher in Aamkhoh village, told TOI. “The ice ball hit the roof first. Other wise, it would have smashed her skull,” he said.

It could have either been “blue ice” (a term used in aviation for frozen sew age leaked mid-flight from an aircraft’s lavatory waste system) or a megacryometeor (an extremely large chunk of ice formed under unusual atmospheric conditions). An aviation expert said the waste leaking out of a lavatory is in a liquid state but gets frozen because of the low temperatures at the height at which airplanes fly-there is a fall of roughly 2 degrees for every 1,000-feet elevation. However, the chances of such a chunk of ice reaching the ground is remote although not unheard of.

If it was blue ice, the incident will be termed an aircraft accident and the victim will be entitled to compensation under the Aircraft (Investigation of Accidents and Incidents) Rules, 2012, said an expert.

However, the district administration did not bother to investigate the incident. It was not officially reported too. District collector AK Singh said he did not get it investigated as he thought it was a rumour. But Bimal Kumar Srivastava, a Delhi-based aviation consultant who has been working on blue icefalls, took it seriously and reported the matter to the director general of civil aviation and the director general of the India Meteorological Department. He got to know about the icefall from a Hindi daily which had termed it a mysterious incident.

Fuente: The Times of India

Chunk of Ice Falls From the Sky and into a Moxee Home

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MOXEE, WA – Everyone is looking for ways to beat the heat, but giant ice cubes falling from the sky probably isn’t your first choice to stay cool; one family came home to a bizarre surprise in their house.

8151160_GHomeowner Dwaine Morrison was in shock to come home and find a giant chunk of ice in his closet, “I mean it was just covered with insulation from the hole and I was just in disbelief I mean you randomly hear about things like this but to actually have it happen is another story.”

Morrison and his wife were at a baseball game, when their daughter called, saying ice was raining from the sky.

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Ice Chunk Falls From Sky

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EXETER — Quite a surprise for a man mowing his mother’s lawn in Luzerne County when a chunk of ice came falling from the sky Wednesday afternoon.Imagen

Rich Ascani of Dallas said he was at his mother’s house in Exeter when he heard the ice falling and then crashing into some bushes right next to him.

Ascani couldn’t figure out where it came from.  He figures it must have come from a plane passing overhead. He said it looked like the ice was frozen around something.  He’s just glad it didn’t hit him or someone else.  He said it was falling really fast.


Hielo azul en “Los cazadores de mitos”

12/ 09/ 2011 en 5:59 | Publicado en Hielo azul, Medios | Comments Off on Hielo azul en “Los cazadores de mitos”


Fragmentos del segundo capítulo de la novena temporada (nº 161, 2011) de Los cazadores de mitos (Mythbusters), en el que se examina la veracidad de la formación del llamado “hielo azul”; es decir, de proyectiles de hielo generados en los fuselajes de los aviones a consecuencia de pérdidas de agua en los lavabos. Estrenado en EE.UU. el 13 de abril de 2011. © Discovery Channel.

Los resultados indican que es perfectamente posible la formación de proyectiles si la pérdida de líquido es gradual (no si es abrupta), pero para ello deben fallar hasta tres distintos mecanismos que en condiciones normales impiden la salida del agua del lavabo al exterior.

Mysterious mass falls from sky

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Imphal, January 31 2010: Mystery shrouded Mongshangei Maning Leikai area with the sudden landing of an icy substance from the open sky today.

The bluish icy mass, weighing around 5 kg, fell on the tin-roofed kitchen of one Sougrakpam Jugeshwar of the locality with a sudden bang.

“We heard a loud bashing sound on the roof of our extension kitchen at around 2:15 pm.

Upon checking what was going on, we found the bluish icy substance on the floor”, said Jugeshwar’s son Rajiv.

The unknown mass created a huge hole in the roof of the kitchen with its forceful landing. Continue Reading Mysterious mass falls from sky…

The sky’s falling? All anyone knows is, it’s ice

23/ 10/ 2009 en 7:54 | Publicado en Casuística, Hielo azul | Comments Off on The sky’s falling? All anyone knows is, it’s ice

Union Leader Correspondent

BETHLEHEM – Friday was one of those nice fall days — clear and sunny, with a cloud or two poking around the sky.

It was a good day for yard work and that’s what Brad Chapman and groundskeeper Trevor Houston were doing, down by the stone wall, just before 12:30 p.m.

“All of a sudden, we heard a whoosh — it was like a two-second whoosh — and it was kind of eerie,” Chapman said. “And then we heard a thump and we looked around and saw this ball of ice, 30, 40 feet away, tops.” Goodness, gracious.

“It was eerie, that whoosh,” said Chapman, innkeeper at Adair Country Inn. “I looked around to see if someone was throwing snowballs — that was my first thought. And then I thought, ‘That’s a big snowball.'”
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Cae hielo del cielo y golpea a un hombre

6/ 07/ 2009 en 4:54 | Publicado en Casuística, Daños, Hielo azul, Personales | Comments Off on Cae hielo del cielo y golpea a un hombre

Un hombre de Bristol, ha descrito la forma en que fue golpeado por un bloque de hielo que el 5 de julio de 2009 cayó de un avión cuando él estaba sentado en su jardín. Continue Reading Cae hielo del cielo y golpea a un hombre…

Ice from plane almost hits woman

28/ 12/ 2008 en 5:16 | Publicado en Casuística, Daños, Hielo azul, Materiales | Comments Off on Ice from plane almost hits woman

By PABLO FERNANDEZ AND JIM WELLS — Sun Media. Sat, December 27, 2008. UPDATED: 2008-12-27 13:20:57 MST

Ice from a plane, possibly from a toilet, plummeted to earth and punched through the roof of a southeast Calgary house yesterday, narrowly missing a woman who was in the home.

Marian Liknes said she had just entered her bedroom to answer the phone shortly before 9:30 a.m., when a massive chunk of ice crashed through the ceiling with a deafening blast, mere centimetres from where she was sitting. Continue Reading Ice from plane almost hits woman…

Block of ice smashes into Pico Rivera home

18/ 12/ 2008 en 11:09 | Publicado en Casuística, Daños, Hielo azul, Materiales | Comments Off on Block of ice smashes into Pico Rivera home

80-100 pound mass leaves gaping hole in roof
By Airan Scruby, Staff Writer
Posted: 12/18/2008 05:16:22 PM PST

PICO RIVERA (CALIFORNIA) – Lupe Murillo was sitting in the family room of her home, a few yards from the Christmas tree, when she heard a crash-landing on her roof.

It wasn’t Santa Claus.

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Ice crashes through home

10/ 10/ 2008 en 7:32 | Publicado en Casuística, Daños, Hielo azul, Materiales, Personales | 1 Comentario

Reported by: Ben Russell. Last Update: 10/09 7:00 am

A York Township woman is lucky to be alive after a piece from a six-pound block of ice fell from the sky, crashed through her roof and struck her on her forehead Wednesday morning.genthumb2

“It’s the weirdest thing that ever happened in my life,” Mary Ann Foster said.

Foster was lying in her bed when, around 5:30 a.m., the incident happened.

She called out to her husband to ask if he had heard anything.

“I think something weird happened upstairs,” Foster said.

“You better go up and check it out.” Continue Reading Ice crashes through home…

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