Huge ice chunk can’t top Waco whopper of 1930s

25/ 10/ 2008 de 7:38 | Publicado en Fraudes | Comentarios desactivados en Huge ice chunk can’t top Waco whopper of 1930s

By MIKE LYONS. Special to the Daily News. Saturday, October 25, 2008

A 6-pound chunk of ice that smelled a little like fish and looked a lot like quartz made big news in York, Pa., last week. That’s because the frozen concoction fell from the sky, through a York woman’s roof and slightly injured her while she slept.

Mary Ann Foster was glad to be alive after a piece of the ice broke off and hit her on the forehead. The lump of ice left the 66-year-old grandmother with a large bump on her head and holes in her roof and bedroom ceiling.

Local officials, meantime, were left with a mystery: Where did the six pounds of ice come from? Some speculated that it might have fallen from an airplane or rocket, but the actual source remains unknown. Continue Reading Huge ice chunk can’t top Waco whopper of 1930s…


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