Ice That Tore Through Chino Roof Believed To Have Come From LAX-Bound Plane

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CHINO (CBSLA) — A Chino home was sporting a blue tarp Wednesday to cover a hole in its roof caused by a falling chunk of ice, believed to have come from a plane that flew overhead.

A large chunk of ice crashed through the roof of Brandon Blanchard’s home Saturday night. He believes the ice came from a plane headed for Los Angeles International Airport 50 miles away.

The ice tore through the San Bernardino County home and landed in a bathtub. Blanchard said it sounded like an explosion.

“We think we’re fortunate too, that it landed in the bathtub,” he said. He said he thinks with the force of the fall, the tub kept the ice from tearing an even bigger hole through his home.

Since the ice was not blue, it did not come from a plane’s bathroom, but may have come from a leak in a galley kitchen.

The home and the surrounding neighborhood lies in the flight path of LAX, so ice has fallen in the area before. In 2006, ice crashed through the roof of a home just two miles away.

The FAA is checking radar replays to see which planes were in the area at the time of Saturday’s incident.

Fuente: CBS Los Ángeles


TSB investigates whether ice falling from plane caused hole in roof of Calgary home

4/ 03/ 2017 en 4:05 | Publicado en Casuística, Daños, Materiales | Comentarios desactivados en TSB investigates whether ice falling from plane caused hole in roof of Calgary home

A woman claims falling ice from an overhead aircraft pierced her roof. As Gary Bobrovitz reports, if she is correct, it would be the second time that has happened in Calgary in the span of a week.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is investigating whether falling ice from an aircraft is responsible for a large hole in the roof of a Calgary home.

Judy Landry said it happened at around noon on Saturday, March 4 at the home she shares with her husband in the 100 block of Riverbirch Road S.E.

“Sitting in my living room and all of a sudden we heard a thunderous boom,” Landry said. “Not sure what it was.”

Landry said they later discovered a hole in the southwest corner of their roof, but weren’t able to find any errant objects in their attic, leading them to believe it was a caused by a chunk of ice that had since melted.

Less than a week earlier, a chunk of ice fell through the roof of a home in the community of Dover, located less than 10 kilometres away.

In an email sent to Landry, Bill Scholefield with Transport Canada said “as with the prior incident, the damage to your roof was also probably ice that fell from an aircraft.”

Landy hopes an investigation by the TSB will determine which airline is responsible.

“We just don’t want to have to pay for it,” she explained, saying she and her husband have reported the incident to their home insurance provider but are currently stuck paying a $1,000 deductible to have the hole fixed.

In an email sent to Landry, Bill Holt with the TSB said “it could be [from] almost any aircraft that may have flown over your home.”

“We will have to look at radar tapes and try to overlap your house with your exact location.”

Fuente: Globalnews

WestJet to pay for damage after ice chunk falls through roof

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Daniel Martins. Sunday, February 26, 2017, 11:02 AM –    A Calgary couple was startled Friday night after a large chunk of ice crashed through the roof of their home.

Now, WestJet says it will pay for the damages, after it seemed likely the ice fell from one of the airline’s planes.

“A preliminary investigation of the situation with Nav Canada indicates the ice did fall from a WestJet Encore Bombardier Q400 on approach into Calgary from Regina,” company spokesperson Lauren Stewart told CBC News Saturday.

The ice chunk was around 30 cm in diameter, and had gone straight through the roof and main floor of the home to land in the basement. The home, a bungalow, was located in the 100-block of Doverthorn Bay S.E.

The home’s owners, Theresa and Richard Couch, were watching hockey when the incident happened, though they weren’t injured. Theresa told CBC the couple had lived in the home for more than four decades, and aircraft approach routes had changed in the last two years to take more planes directly over the home.

“Now we’re very nervous,” she told the station. “With all these planes passing over our house all the time, it’s day and night.”

Meanwhile, an airplane landing at Pearson International Airport in Toronto went off the runway Friday overnight, while the province experienced wet and foggy conditions. Read the story here and watch the video below.

Fuente: The Weather Network

Chunk of ice falls from WestJet plane and crashes through roof of Calgary home

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February 24, 2017 11:25 pm. By Caley Ramsay

Some homeowners in southeast Calgary were given quite the scare Friday night when a giant piece of ice came crashing through their roof.

Theresa Couch and her husband were watching TV in the living room of their home in the 100-block of Doverthorn Bay S.E. when they heard what they thought was an explosion.

“All of a sudden we heard this big bang and all this stuff falling,” Couch, who has lived in the house for 42 years, explained. “We thought something major fell out of the cupboard or something.”

The pair went into the kitchen but they found nothing out of the ordinary. Then they walked into the hallway to find a hole in their ceiling.

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Oakley Green man ‘lucky to be alive’ after ice block smashes through roof

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Will Taylor. 09:00AM, Thursday 16 February 2017

A business owner from Oakley Green [Berkshire, UK] has been left feeling lucky to be alive after a block of ice fell from the sky and smashed a hole into the roof of his house.

Wahram Manoukian, 69, left his home at 7am on Friday morning to use the gym at Oakley Court in Windsor Road, but returned at about 8.30am to find a hole in his roof with tiles and bits of ice strewn around his grounds.

Mr Manoukian, who lives in Oakley Green Road, and his wife, 66-year-old Beverley, have stored the chunks of ice in a freezer in anticipation of an investigation.

He believed it could have fallen from a plane, though this has not been confirmed.
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Mystery: Ice falls through Georgia home

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By: George Franco. Posted:Feb 02 2017 06:42PM EST

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – A Grayson family said it’s a wonder no one was hurt or worse when a big piece of ice fell from the sky Tuesday morning.

The big chunk of frozen water fell around 7:45 a.m., leaving a big hole in the roof of the Grayson home of the Whitaker family. Continue Reading Mystery: Ice falls through Georgia home…

Woman, 60, escapes death after ‘chunk of ice containing human excrement and urine fell from plane flying overhead’

7/ 01/ 2017 en 4:53 | Publicado en Casuística, Daños, Hielo azul, Materiales, Personales | Comentarios desactivados en Woman, 60, escapes death after ‘chunk of ice containing human excrement and urine fell from plane flying overhead’

By Chris Kitching for MailOnline

Published: 16:52 GMT, 7 January 2016 | Updated: 16:52 GMT, 7 January 2016

A 60-year-old woman narrowly escaped death when a chunk of ice mysteriously fell from the sky over a village in India – and scientists say it may have come from a plane’s toilet.

Scientists say they have two theories about where the football-sized piece of ice originated and they haven’t ruled out the possibility it contained human excrement and urine that leaked from an aircraft holding tank and froze as it fell towards earth.

The bizarre incident left the woman, identified by media as Rajrani Gaud, with a shoulder injury, but those who live in the village of Aamkhoh said her injuries could have been far worse.

Witnesses claimed she survived the incident because the ice crashed onto a home’s terrace before hitting her, the Times of India reported.

Deepak Jain, a local schoolteacher, said: ‘I was only 25ft away from the spot where the monster came crashing down.

‘Children and villagers witnessed the fall and then heard screams. We ran towards Rajrani’s house and referred her to hospital.

‘The ice ball hit the roof first. Otherwise it would have smashed her skull.’

The incident occurred in India’s Sagar district, about 300 miles south of Delhi, on 17 December but wasn’t reported until today.

It could have been so-called blue ice, sewage that has leaked from an aircraft and frozen at a high altitude, or a megacryometeor, the Times of India reported.

India’s civil aviation authority chose not to look into the claims, but scientists began their own investigation after word of the incident spread, the newspaper reported.

Reports of ‘blue ice’ falling from a plane occur from time to time, although the US Federal Aviation Administration said the incidents are rare.

It said some lavatory holding tanks contain a blue chemical that is added to deodorize the liquid and break down solid waste. The FAA said: ‘Occasionally, the holding tank or drain tube develops a leak. If this happens at high altitudes, the water will freeze once it hits outside air.

‘However, if blue ice falls from an aircraft, the ice will usually break up and melt before it hits the ground. If the ice doesn’t fall off, it will melt as the airplane descends for landing. Then it usually dissipates into small droplets.’

A plane’s flight crew cannot dump wastewater in flight because the waste valve is located on the exterior of a plane and can only be operated by ground crew, the FAA added.

Fuente: Daily Mail

Poop falling from skies in New Delhi!! NGT orders inspection

28/ 10/ 2016 en 7:59 | Publicado en Daños, Hielo azul, Hielo del fuselaje, Materiales, Personales | Comentarios desactivados en Poop falling from skies in New Delhi!! NGT orders inspection

New Delhi, Oct 28, 2016 (PTI)

Imagine human excreta falling on you from airplanes flying above!! A former senior armyman has moved the National Green Tribunal alleging dumping of human waste by aircraft over residential areas near the IGI airport here, which led the green panel to order an inspection of his South Delhi house.

Lt Gen (Retd) Satwant Singh Dahiya has sought criminal proceedings against commercial airlines and levy of hefty fines on them for endangering the health of residents, terming the act as violation of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Noting the submissions of the petitioner, the green panel directed Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to depute a senior environmental engineer to inspect his house and check the existence of human excreta on the walls.

It also asked CPCB that if excreta was found, samples should be collected for analysis and the report placed before the tribunal. A bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar also issued notices to the Ministries of Environment and Forests and Civil Aviation and CPCB, seeking their replies within two weeks.

Plane toilets store human waste in special tanks. These are normally disposed of by ground crew once the plane lands, but aviation officials acknowledge that lavatory leaks can occur in the air at times. There have been instances, including in India, when people have been injured.

In his petition, Vasant Enclave resident Dahiya has sought creation of a 24-hour helpline for immediate reporting of the incident and a monitoring mechanism to check that no aircraft drops “human soil or excreta” while landing.

“For past more than the week in the early morning, we found that walls and floors of terrace of our house splattered with large patches of excreta dumped by aircraft flying in front of Palam airport at night. This is the second time this has happened. Last time it had occurred in early October when we had spent Rs 50,000 to get the entire exterior resurfaced with fresh paint.

“Diwali is only few days away and being the festive season having recently finished fresh coating of the house exterior at considerable experience to clean up the premises. We are again faced with having our walls completed spattered with waste. We are retired people and cannot afford to have this defacement everyday,” the plea said.

The bench, also comprising U D Salvi, said “we direct senior environmental engineer from CPCB to visit the premises of the applicant and check whether as a matter of fact remnant of human excreta are found on the walls or on terrace floor of the applicant’s building or any building adjacent thereto.

“If the remnants are found, its samples should be collected for analysis in order to confirm its nature and analysis report be placed before the Tribunal on the next date of hearing” on November 25.

Advocate B V Niren, appearing for Civil Aviation Ministry, opposed the argument and said plane toilets stored the waste in special tanks which are normally disposed of by ground crews once the plane lands.

In January this year, a woman in a village near Bhopal suffered injuries when a frozen mass bounced off a nearby building and fractured her shoulder. Aviation experts then believed that the mass could have been either blue ice, a term used to describe sewage leaked form an aircraft lavatory, or a megacryometeor – an extremely large chunk of ice formed under unusual conditions. Similar incidents have been reported from the US and the UK too.

Fuente: Deccan Herald

Scientist identifies plane which dropped ‘blue ice’ on MP woman, wants DGCA to affirm

20/ 10/ 2016 en 6:08 | Publicado en Casuística, Daños, Hielo azul, Materiales, megacriometeoros, Personales | Comentarios desactivados en Scientist identifies plane which dropped ‘blue ice’ on MP woman, wants DGCA to affirm

| TNN | Updated: Oct 20, 2016, 23:00 IST

BHOPAL: Almost ten months after an elderly tribal woman suffered a shoulder injury with a football-sized iced sewerage material that fell on her from the sky in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, a Delhi based aviation investigator B K Srivastava claims to have identified the commercial plane which ‘leaked’ it. Besides Sagar, Srivastava has also zeroed in on two other commercial planes that apparently which dropped huge ice chunks while flying over state’s Harda district on April 5 and in West Bengal on October 13 this year where villagers took ‘selfies’ with it.

He has pled director general of civil aviation (DGCA) to either investigate these mid-air drops or share radar images with him to corroborate his own findings. Srivastava has sent a letter to the DGCA referring incidents reported from Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal asking them to get it investigated by air safety office. DGCA’s air safety headquarters is located in Kolkata.

Initially, he had a doubt that these ice chunks could be a ‘megacryometeor’ – extremely large atmospheric ice conglomerations that fall under blue-sky atmospheric conditions but he is sure that they were ‘blue Ice’ – a term used in aviation context for frozen sewage material leaked mid-flight from toilets of aircraft’s on the flight route.

“I am confident about my findings, but this has to be ascertained by the regulatory body. By going through geographical coordinates and radar images we can pin point the commercial air craft which dropped the ice-chunks lavatory materials while flying overhead,” claims Srivastava who has done extensive research on mysterious ice ball dropping from sky. Experts say waste leaking out of a lavatory is in a liquid form, but gets frozen because of low temperatures at height at which airplanes fly. There is a fall of roughly 2 degrees for every 1,000-foot elevation. However, chances of such a chunk of ice reaching the ground is remote although not unheard of.

Once DGCA detects the plane, the woman who got injured in Sagar is liable for receiving a huge compensation as the incident falls under the category of ‘aircraft accident’ which mandates compensation to a victim under Aircraft (Investigation of Accidents and Incidents) Rules, 2012, said Srivastava. He has more than 45 years of aviation experience in field of air traffic control, aircraft accident investigation, airport planning, airport management and airport obstacle survey.

December 17: When blue ice injured a woman in Sagar

It was touted as a rare, celestial occurrence in Sagar district’s Aamkhoh village on December 17, till aviation scientists claimed culprit was a commercial plane which dropped a ball of frozen poo and urine from its toilet. Perhaps it was the first incident in India, where a person suffered injuries due to fall of ice from a passing plane. Victim, Rajrani Gaud, is alive only because the 50 kg ice chunk crashed into the terrace edge of her house before hitting her. Sagar incident was located at geographical coordinates 23°14’03.39″N, 78°53’06.08″E, which lies just below air traffic services route (ATS) of A-791 (Karachi-Kolkata-Bangkok), where the aircraft at height could be seen flying regularly from East to West or West to East when the sky was clear.

April 5: People in Harda believed it was the wrath of god

Two huge ice chunks dropped at Nausar village in state’s Harda district. Though nobody was injured, there was panic among villagers, who believed it was their deity’s wrath for breaking an age old tradition. Parmanand Khodre was working at his farm when the ice ball, weighing 100 kg crashed at a neighbouring field around 11.45 pm with a thud. When another crashed after two minutes, he was drawn to the spot by anxiety. Many villagers who gathered at the spot felt the same. Some even took broken pieces home. This incident was located at geographical coordinates 22°28’24″N and 77°12’29″E.

October 13: Villagers in West Bengal took ‘selfies’ with the blue ice

A big blue coloured ice block weighing about 8 to 10 Kg fell in a house in ‘Pakdaha’ under Sashan police station in 24 Pargana district (WB) at around 7.30 am. The ice piece broke into pieces and started melting. A big crowd gathered to watch the incident and many people took selfies and photographs in their mobiles. The ice block liquefied after some time. Many people collected ice & liquid samples unaware of the fact that it could be a frozen human waste leak from passing plane. Officials from Geological Survey of India, collected the ice/ liquid samples for the purpose of getting them tested.

Geographical Coordinates of the incident site (Pakdaha) are found as 22°40’55″N, 088°34’12″E. This place is located to the East of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport Kolkata at a distance of about 10 Kms. Location of the site corresponds to the area where aircraft coming to land at Kolkata Airport from South (Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai etc.) are flying almost parallel to Runway 01R/19L before turning left for carrying out an ILS approach on Runway 19L.

Fuente: The Times of India

Mystery ice chunk plows through roof of Modesto home amid triple-digit heat

11/ 10/ 2016 en 5:03 | Publicado en Casuística, Daños, Materiales | Comentarios desactivados en Mystery ice chunk plows through roof of Modesto home amid triple-digit heat

By Veronica Rocha. September 10, 2016.

As high heat plagued much of California, a Modesto family got a chilly surprise this week when a block of ice soared from the sky and through the roof of their home.

Monica Savath told KOVR-TV that she and her family were sitting in the living room of their home Wednesday when they heard a large crash. She went into her garage and noticed a gaping hole in the roof and the sun shining through it.

On the ground was a block of ice, melting in triple-digit temperatures.

Savath and her neighbors were left wondering where the ice came from.

The FAA says they haven’t received any similar reports. And the National Weather Service says temperatures in the area have been so hot that ice formation is nearly impossible.

Meteorologist Jason Clapp said the ice incident was definitely not weather-related.

In Modesto, temperatures hit 104 degrees Wednesday. Nearby cities, including Sacramento and Stockton, were scorching as temperatures reached 105.

“It would have to be some freak of nature-related event,” Clapp said.

People across the country have reported similar incidents in the past, and planes have been suspected. In those instances, ice falls from a plane because of a leak in a tank containing solid waste. The ice usually appears blue because of a chemical added to waste water.

In this case, the ice was not blue.

FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said Savath and her family has not contacted the agency to report the falling ice, but an FAA inspector went to Savath’s home Thursday morning anyway.


Fuente: LA Times

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