A cool surprise for heatwave-hit MP: 30 kg of ice falls from the sky

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Neeraj Santoshi, Hindustan Times, Bhopal/Harda |  Updated: Apr 07, 2016 11:34 IST

Reeling under an early heat wave, people in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh received a cool surprise — an ice chunk weighing about 30kg falling from the sky.

The chunk, believed to be a megacryometeor (ice-stone) or blue ice, came crashing down in a field on Monday, creating a three-foot-deep crater upon impact. This comes nearly three months after a similar incident in Sagar district in which a 60-year-old woman was injured.

The latest incident occurred at Nousar village in Timarini, 40km from Harda district headquarters. The field belonged to Raj Kumar Patil, whose younger brother Jitendra Patil was irrigating it at the time. On hearing the thundering sound, locals came running to the field to find the chunk had broken into three.

Jitendra said another chunk came crashing down in a field nearby. “I was very scared. Nearly 14 seconds after the first chunk of ice fell, another smaller chunk fell in a nearby field. We informed other villagers who came rushing,” he said.

Harda collector Srikant Banot said he will inspect the site and also rope in geologists and other experts. He said in all probability, it was blue ice from a plane flying overhead at a great height. He said he had sent the sub-divisional magistrate to the spot to submit a report.

According to a research paper, ‘Isotopic studies of megacryometeors in western India’ published in March 2013, ice-stones or megacryometeors form suddenly even during non-cloudy, clear sky when there is no thunderstorm activity.

“Although their formation is not clearly understood, they are considered to have an origin different from large hailstones. The research paper is based on four unusually large ice-stones weighing several kilograms which fell in western India (Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra ) during October–November 2010.

According to authors of the research paper, many causal mechanisms have been hypothesized for the formation and fall of megacryometeors that include aircraft icing, blue ice or waste water released from aircraft lavatories, leakage from aircraft water tanks, condensation trails of jet planes and extraterrestrial origin.

They also pointed out that, according to Martinez-Frias who has collected data on ice-stones falls across the world, “megacryometeor fall frequency has increased since 1950 and that 46 fall events have been recorded between 2001 and 2006 alone”._23846f7e-fc86-11e5-bced-6695953481e2

Fuente: Hindustan Times


Nuevo libro sobre hidroaerolitos

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Ice Meteors
Ice Meteors
Unknown Dangers Overhead
By Anthony J. Tambini
Branden Books
E-Book Edition, ISBN 9780828323000

Ice meteors have always posed dangers for all flying aircraft, because they are difficult to analyze and because they either melt as they fall from the sky or melt thereafter on reaching the ground. For centuries people from all over the globe have reported large chunks of ice falling from a clear blue sky. The size and weight of the mystery ice has varied greatly, from a chunk described as being as large as an elephant that fell in India in 1800, down to the size of a grapefruit. Although some of the older reports predate the invention of the airplane, whenever a ice-falls occur, in modern times they are attributed to airplanes passing overhead. However, in most instances, ice-falls occur when there is no aircraft visible in the sky at all. Granted there are minority reports of small pieces of ice attributed to ice that builds up on the outer parts of flying aircraft; most ice-falls, however, have origins that go beyond our high flying aircraft, and are as treacherous as they are insidious. In this book, Mr. Tambini offers great details into the history of each reported ice meteor. His inventory is simply staggering. Continue Reading Nuevo libro sobre hidroaerolitos…

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