3 large pieces of ice mysteriously appear in Calgary yard

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By Tony Tighe. Consumer Reporter Global News. March 6, 2018

A Calgary homeowner wonders if ice from a passing plane fell in her backyard.
Patricia Praud woke up Saturday to find three large pieces of ice in the snow in her yard in the northwest community of Collingwood.

“There’s two indentations in the lawn where one hit and bounced twice and landed over there and then I looked and there was three. Quite the size. I would say that one is about the size of maybe a football and one like a basketball.”

She says there were no footprints in the snow.

Her neighbour Barbara Vinsome inspected the ice and believes one large piece broke apart when it landed.

“Looking at them, they could all probably join together in one solid piece of ice because they are all fairly uniform in depth.

Patricia says if it did fall from the sky, she’s very lucky the ice didn’t fall on her house.

She’ll be contacting Transport Canada ask someone to investigate.

In a statement, Transport Canada said:

“Transport Canada takes all reports of possible debris coming from aircraft very seriously. Every reported incident is investigated by department officials and if it can be determined that the ice came from an aircraft, the department will try to identify the air carrier to ensure the problem is rectified.”

Fuente: Global News


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