Woman, 60, escapes death after ‘chunk of ice containing human excrement and urine fell from plane flying overhead’

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By Chris Kitching for MailOnline

Published: 16:52 GMT, 7 January 2016 | Updated: 16:52 GMT, 7 January 2016

A 60-year-old woman narrowly escaped death when a chunk of ice mysteriously fell from the sky over a village in India – and scientists say it may have come from a plane’s toilet.

Scientists say they have two theories about where the football-sized piece of ice originated and they haven’t ruled out the possibility it contained human excrement and urine that leaked from an aircraft holding tank and froze as it fell towards earth.

The bizarre incident left the woman, identified by media as Rajrani Gaud, with a shoulder injury, but those who live in the village of Aamkhoh said her injuries could have been far worse.

Witnesses claimed she survived the incident because the ice crashed onto a home’s terrace before hitting her, the Times of India reported.

Deepak Jain, a local schoolteacher, said: ‘I was only 25ft away from the spot where the monster came crashing down.

‘Children and villagers witnessed the fall and then heard screams. We ran towards Rajrani’s house and referred her to hospital.

‘The ice ball hit the roof first. Otherwise it would have smashed her skull.’

The incident occurred in India’s Sagar district, about 300 miles south of Delhi, on 17 December but wasn’t reported until today.

It could have been so-called blue ice, sewage that has leaked from an aircraft and frozen at a high altitude, or a megacryometeor, the Times of India reported.

India’s civil aviation authority chose not to look into the claims, but scientists began their own investigation after word of the incident spread, the newspaper reported.

Reports of ‘blue ice’ falling from a plane occur from time to time, although the US Federal Aviation Administration said the incidents are rare.

It said some lavatory holding tanks contain a blue chemical that is added to deodorize the liquid and break down solid waste. The FAA said: ‘Occasionally, the holding tank or drain tube develops a leak. If this happens at high altitudes, the water will freeze once it hits outside air.

‘However, if blue ice falls from an aircraft, the ice will usually break up and melt before it hits the ground. If the ice doesn’t fall off, it will melt as the airplane descends for landing. Then it usually dissipates into small droplets.’

A plane’s flight crew cannot dump wastewater in flight because the waste valve is located on the exterior of a plane and can only be operated by ground crew, the FAA added.

Fuente: Daily Mail


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