Ice Chunk Falls From The Sky?

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By Mike James on August 24, 2015 12:13pm

Merlin-falling-ice-chunk-1-620x400A mystery this morning in Merlin.

Susan Cebula lives on George St. and was getting her lawnmower out around 10:20am, when she says she heard a strange noise.

“All of a sudden I heard a ‘woosh’ and a ‘thump’,” says Cebula. “And I looked around and all I could see was this ice, it had just fallen, and there’s no one else out in the back around anywhere.”

The 49-year-old says the piece of ice is cloudy white with air holes in the center. She’s since put the ice in her freezer and isn’t quite sure who to call about the mystery.

Meantime, Geoff Coulson with Environment Canada doesn’t see anything that leads him to believe that it’s weather related.

“Nothing that would really account for a piece of ice falling out of the sky,” says Coulson. “We don’t have any real thunderstorm activity or strong storms that would be capable of producing something like a large hail stone.”

Fuente: BlackburnNews


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