Chunk of Ice Falls From the Sky and into a Moxee Home

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MOXEE, WA – Everyone is looking for ways to beat the heat, but giant ice cubes falling from the sky probably isn’t your first choice to stay cool; one family came home to a bizarre surprise in their house.

8151160_GHomeowner Dwaine Morrison was in shock to come home and find a giant chunk of ice in his closet, “I mean it was just covered with insulation from the hole and I was just in disbelief I mean you randomly hear about things like this but to actually have it happen is another story.”

Morrison and his wife were at a baseball game, when their daughter called, saying ice was raining from the sky.

“I see my wife on the phone and I asked her what was going on and she said it’s a good story. So we asked for pictures and our daughter sent us pictures immediately and you could see blue sky, standing in our walk in closet, there was blue sky up above and it was just unbelievable,” Morrison said.

The chunk of ice was about one foot by one foot, when it landed in an upstairs closet. Moxee police and the Yakima airport are looking into where it could have come from, they believe a plane could have dropped the ice chunk while flying overhead, but Morrison told us he’s just glad no one was hurt.

“I’m obviously glad that no one was injured because I think about the park that’s like a half a mile away and it could have hit someone during a pick up soccer game or something and really hurt someone.”

The ice chunk managed to do quite a bit of damage, but luckily for the Morrison’s they have falling object insurance, which certainly came in handy.

The mystery still remains though, where did the falling ice come from? For now they’ll just have to speculate.

Fuente: NBC


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