Ice Falls from the Sky – Hits Roof of Home in Walnut Creek

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A chunk of ice fell from the sky on Friday and hit a home in Walnut Creek, according to the homeowner, Michelle, who says she’ll never trust Friday the 13th again.

I never really thought much of Friday the 13th. To me it’s just another typical day. Well at least I thought so….First the toilet over flows, then my black cat gets stuck under the house and now…The sky is falling!!!

I am a resident in the Woodlands area in Walnut Creek. At 11:32 on Friday while sitting outside in my back yard I heard a large bang on my roof then a splash in the pool. Not sure what it was I immediately went to look at the pool to see what just landed in it. To my surprise, I find a baseball sized piece of ice floating in my pool which had fallen from the sky.

Fortunately, no major damage was done to the home.

Happy to hear it didn’t land on somebody’s head.

Anybody else see an ice chunk fall from the sky on Friday?

In June of this year, KTVU reported on an ice falling incident in Fremont. Click HERE to read more about that story.

In their June story, KTVU said “Scientists say there have been 40 cases worldwide in the last 13 years of ice plunging from the sky and not directly linked to airplanes. The name given to them is “megacryometeors;” hail-like ice that forms without a thunderstorm.”

Sometimes the ice chunks are from aircraft lavatories, although those are blue, not clear and white like the one pictured above.

Fuente: SFGate


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