Aircraft ice crash-lands close to Shirley houses

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Monday, January 19, 2009, 08:56 By anassif

A large chunk of ice fell several thousand feet from a plane and crashed onto a residential street.

The chances of that happening anywhere in the UK are very remote, with an average of just 26 such incidents recorded in an average year.

But Paul Thomas had the unexpected arrival land on his doorstep at 11pm last Thursday.

The retired engineer, of Annesley Drive, Shirley, is relieved no one was hit by the ice.

He said: “I was watching television and heard a huge thud. I thought a car had crashed.

“When I went outside I saw that a lump of ice had spread about 10 yards on impact.

“It was a well-made chunk, with a beautiful curve, as though it had come off a wing of a plane.

“If anyone had been standing underneath it they would have been killed.”

Mr Thomas, 68, and his 66-year-old wife, Janet, have noticed a “marked” increase in air traffic over the Shirley area recently and are worried there could be further near-misses.

Mr Thomas said: “It’s ridiculous. The planes are constantly circling above us at low altitude.

“What concerns me is it could happen again and next time someone could be seriously hurt or worse.”

A Civil Aviation Authority spokesman said the incident was likely to have been the result of water leaking along the wing of a plane.

It would have turned into ice when the temperature dropped and then fallen off the plane.

The spokesman also confirmed the incident would be investigated to try to find out which airline was responsible.

He added: “There is always talk about human waste from planes dropping down to earth, but that’s a complete myth.

“The most probable cause is a leak, which will, in due course, need to be fixed.”

He added that there have never been any serious injuries or deaths caused by ice falling from planes.

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