Ice crashes through home

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Reported by: Ben Russell. Last Update: 10/09 7:00 am

A York Township woman is lucky to be alive after a piece from a six-pound block of ice fell from the sky, crashed through her roof and struck her on her forehead Wednesday morning.genthumb2

“It’s the weirdest thing that ever happened in my life,” Mary Ann Foster said.

Foster was lying in her bed when, around 5:30 a.m., the incident happened.

She called out to her husband to ask if he had heard anything.

“I think something weird happened upstairs,” Foster said.

“You better go up and check it out.”

Perry Foster, with whom Mary Ann has lived in their Deerfield Lane home for 31 years, went into their bedroom and discovered a large chunk of plaster and insulation dangling from the ceiling directly over their bed.

“And I was able to walk over here and look up through and actually see the sky,” Perry Foster said.

The Fosters gathered up the ice debris and put it in the freezer for safe keeping.

“I think it’s a UFO,” Mary Ann Foster said.

“We’re hoping it’s from outer space because that would be kind of exciting. But it might just be from an airplane over us that threw something out.”

CBS 21 contacted the Federal Aviation Administration Wednesday to determine if a plane was traveling over the Foster’s home at the time of the incident. Holly Baker, a spokesperson with the FAA, urged the Fosters to contact the local Flights Standards District Office and as for a safety inspector to come investigate. Without seeing the ice, Baker declined to speculate about its origin. But she did say it is possible that an unnoticed leak on an airplane could build up to the point that a large chunk of ice would eventually brake off. Baker also told CBS 21 that airplanes are not allowed to jettison materials while in the air.

York Area Regional Police Officer George McGee and Corporal Keith Dyke responded to the Foster’s home Wednesday to investigate. They confirmed that the piece of ice came through the outside roof of the house, through the insulation and continued through the ceiling in the bedroom.

Perry Foster said his wife is lucky that all she suffered was a bruise.

“Lucky in the fact that she was not seriously hurt,” Perry Foster said.

“And lucky in the fact that it didn’t happen in another location to someone who was walking down the street, because if it had hit someone directly… it would have killed them.”

Fuente: WHP-CBS


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