No, the sky’s not falling; it’s only ice

28/ 04/ 2008 en 5:02 | Publicado en Casuística, Daños | Comentarios desactivados en No, the sky’s not falling; it’s only ice

A Baldwin Township resident had an unusual guest break in while the homeowner was away last month.
It came in through the roof, leaving a 3-foot hole, before crashing through the house’s main floor and landing in the basement.

By the time Sherburne County sheriff’s officials got a call from a neighbor, the intruder had already begun to melt into a puddle on the basement floor.

It was a large slab of ice that sheriff’s officials suspect dropped from a plane flying overhead.

A neighbor to the residence in the 115th block of 290th Avenue saw the ice chunk falling from the sky and watched as it hit the house, Capt. Joel Brott said. It happened about 6:10 p.m. April 28, he said.

Brott said the homeowner, whom he didn’t identify, wasn’t home at the time. Someone who knew the homeowner called and got permission from the homeowner for the sheriff’s department to enter the house and assess the damage.

That’s when deputies found the remaining ice in the home’s basement.



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