Ice from plane flattens shed

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Published: 11 Jan 2008

STUNNED Lloyd Gater had his garden shed demolished – by a block of ice from a plane’s toilet.

Lloyd, 32, feared Armageddon when he heard an ear-splitting crash as he sat down to dinner with his family.

He ran into the garden to find the shed in ruins, and a chunk of ice the size of a television set embedded in the wreckage.snn1135a682_417217a

Builder Lloyd, a dad of two, said: “The ice was everywhere and bits of the shed were scattered all over the lawn.

“My barbecue was completely flattened and my lawnmower is ruined. I’ve spoken to my insurance company who seemed a bit surprised.


“We’re not that far from Heathrow and Gatwick airports, so I suppose it must have fallen off a plane as it came into land.

“The crash was enormous – I thought a bomb had gone off. It could have hit the house and one of us could’ve been killed.”

The chunk which hit Lloyd’s house in Sutton, Surrey, was so-called “blue ice”, caused by onboard plumbing problems. It is coloured by toilet chemicals and includes human WASTE.

Aviation expert David Learmount said: “This type of incident isn’t that uncommon.

“The ice grows steadily bigger on the undercarriage of the plane and falls to earth when the aircraft enters warmer air as it comes into land.

“I’ve never known anyone to be hurt in such incidents, but damage to houses and cars has been known before.”

A Civil Aviation Authority spokesmansaid: “A report was made by the gentleman in question and we will look into it.

“We have about 35 incidents in the UK of this type each year. We try to trace the aircraft in the area at the time and ask them to check their onboard systems for faults.”

Fuente: The Sun


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