California Boy Struck By Falling Ice (20/08/2007)

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MODESTO, Calif. — A Modesto 10-year-old was injured Monday morning when a chunk of ice fell from the sky, crashed through the family’s roof and struck the boy on the head as he sat watching television.”My son was right there in the living room watching TV, and all of a sudden, I heard this bang, and I looked to the side and there’s a thing coming through the roof. My son just popped up and ran outside, and I ran outside with him, and my mom came out of the room and she got everybody else out,” said the boy’s mother.”I thought someone was shooting at us,” Carlos said.Authorities are in touch with the Federal Aviation Administration to find out where the bowling ball-sized chuck of ice came from. Modesto city firefighters patched a portion of the roof to cover the hole.

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