Chunk of Ice Falls From Sky Mysteriously Crashing Through Chicago Man’s Ceiling

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Megacryometeor lands in Ravenswood Manor barely missing cat tree in man’s living room.

By Lorraine Swanson (Patch Staff). January 9, 2015 at 9:15am

A Chicago man arrived home from work on Tuesday evening only to discover three bowling ball-size chunks of ice in his living room and a freaked out cat.
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Ice Chunk Falls From Sky

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EXETER — Quite a surprise for a man mowing his mother’s lawn in Luzerne County when a chunk of ice came falling from the sky Wednesday afternoon.Imagen

Rich Ascani of Dallas said he was at his mother’s house in Exeter when he heard the ice falling and then crashing into some bushes right next to him.

Ascani couldn’t figure out where it came from.  He figures it must have come from a plane passing overhead. He said it looked like the ice was frozen around something.  He’s just glad it didn’t hit him or someone else.  He said it was falling really fast.


Ice Falls from the Sky – Hits Roof of Home in Walnut Creek

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Posted By: ( Email ) | Jul 15 at 2:37 pm

A chunk of ice fell from the sky on Friday and hit a home in Walnut Creek, according to the homeowner, Michelle, who says she’ll never trust Friday the 13th again.

I never really thought much of Friday the 13th. To me it’s just another typical day. Well at least I thought so….First the toilet over flows, then my black cat gets stuck under the house and now…The sky is falling!!!

I am a resident in the Woodlands area in Walnut Creek. At 11:32 on Friday while sitting outside in my back yard I heard a large bang on my roof then a splash in the pool. Not sure what it was I immediately went to look at the pool to see what just landed in it. To my surprise, I find a baseball sized piece of ice floating in my pool which had fallen from the sky.

Fortunately, no major damage was done to the home.

Happy to hear it didn’t land on somebody’s head.

Anybody else see an ice chunk fall from the sky on Friday?

In June of this year, KTVU reported on an ice falling incident in Fremont. Click HERE to read more about that story.

In their June story, KTVU said “Scientists say there have been 40 cases worldwide in the last 13 years of ice plunging from the sky and not directly linked to airplanes. The name given to them is “megacryometeors;” hail-like ice that forms without a thunderstorm.”

Sometimes the ice chunks are from aircraft lavatories, although those are blue, not clear and white like the one pictured above.

Fuente: SFGate

Falling ice chunk hits cathedral roof

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Published: July 9, 2012 at 8:58 PM

BRENTWOOD, England, July 9 (UPI) — A British Roman Catholic priest said a chunk of ice believed to be from an airplane fell through the roof of a cathedral during a service.

The Rev. James MacKay said he was leading the Eucharistic prayer July 1 at the Cathedral Church of St. Mary and St. Helen in Brentwood, England, when he heard a sound like an “explosion,” the BBC reported Monday.

“Everything stopped as we heard this. I turned to my left to see lots of slate and what looked like white stuff, which we now know was ice, falling from the roof,” MacKay said. “I was trembling with a bit of shock. After a couple of seconds of shocked pause I said ‘right, let’s crack on’ and we did so.”

The Civil Aviation Authority said there are about 30 reports of ice falling from aircraft each year.

“Ice falling from planes does not happen that often — it can happen around hose connections and if washers fail,” a CAA spokesman said. “You can have a big lump of ice come off an aircraft as it descends into warmer air.”

MacKay said the damage to the roof and beams of the cathedral, which was finished in 1991, cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

Fuente: UPI

Chunk of ice from sky slams into Fremont home

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Henry K. Lee
Updated 09:49 a.m., Tuesday, June 12, 2012

(06-11) 22:26 PDT FREMONT — A chunk of ice that tore through the roof of a Fremont home Sunday evening may have plunged from an airplane, authorities said Monday.

The basketball-size piece of ice landed on a home on Wichitaw Drive in the Warm Springs neighborhood about 6 p.m., shaking the house, the homeowner told police. Continue Reading Chunk of ice from sky slams into Fremont home…

Huge ice chunk falls from sky, through Pierce man’s roof

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Published 06:55 a.m., Thursday, June 14, 2012

EDGEWOOD — The sky wasn’t falling in Edgewood last week, but pardon Sam Edmon if he might have felt that way after a massive chunk of ice came crashing through his home.

Edmon was in bed around 11 p.m. on June 4 and heard what he thought was an explosion. He got up and checked the house but didn’t find anything  unusual.

That is, until the next morning when he realized there was a hole in his roof that led all the way to his front hall closet.

“Probably a hole about 8 inches (in diameter),” Edmon said. “I come back into the house, open the closet (and) there’s insulation everywhere, soaking  wet.”

He also found chunks of ice, and he thinks they fell from a plane.

He did save some of the ice in his fridge as evidence.

A representative with the FAA says it could have been rime ice, which forms on the wing of an airplane when there is high humidity amid cold and windy conditions at high altitudes. When the plane starts to descend, the ice comes off.

Edmond says the FAA told him there were no planes flying overhead at the time of the incident.

His repair bill is just under $1,000 to fix it, but he’s glad no one was injured.

And this wasn’t the first bit of bad luck Edmon has had in the house. In 1984 a piece of an airplane engine landed in his back yard. And in a completely separate incident, the house burned also burned down and needed to be completely rebuilt.

Fuente: SeattlePi

Weather fronts of the world unite: tornadoes demand the weekend off

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By . One of the classic sci-fi doomsday machines is the weather manipulator. What better way to bend the world to your will than taking control of the weather? It seems, however, that labor regulations may have beaten mad scientists to the punch.

Past studies have identified weekly cycles in a variety of weather phenomena, including rainfall, lightning, and storm heights. It’s called the weekend effect, and it’s thought to be be linked to the industrial air pollution associated with the five-day work week, though there has been a lot of discussion about the mechanics of that connection. These aren’t global analyses—many of these studies have focused on the southeastern United States during the summer months, though similar trends have been identified in other regions, as well. There’s a good reason for this. It seems that warm, moist conditions are a pre-requisite for the effect to manifest.

A new study published recently in the Journal of Geophysical Research adds to the list, finding strong evidence for weekly cycles in tornadoes and hail storms, and discusses the most likely mechanism behind them. Continue Reading Weather fronts of the world unite: tornadoes demand the weekend off…

Hielo azul en “Los cazadores de mitos”

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Fragmentos del segundo capítulo de la novena temporada (nº 161, 2011) de Los cazadores de mitos (Mythbusters), en el que se examina la veracidad de la formación del llamado “hielo azul”; es decir, de proyectiles de hielo generados en los fuselajes de los aviones a consecuencia de pérdidas de agua en los lavabos. Estrenado en EE.UU. el 13 de abril de 2011. © Discovery Channel.

Los resultados indican que es perfectamente posible la formación de proyectiles si la pérdida de líquido es gradual (no si es abrupta), pero para ello deben fallar hasta tres distintos mecanismos que en condiciones normales impiden la salida del agua del lavabo al exterior.

Formación bacteriana de granizo en las nubes

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Se ha descubierto una alta concentración de bacterias en los núcleos de partículas de granizo, lo que sugiere que los microorganismos presentes en el aire a suficiente altitud pueden intervenir en ese y otros fenómenos meteorológicos.

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¿Qué fue de los aerolitos?

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Vídeo de RTVE (La 2 Noticias, 26/01/2010) al cumplirse los diez años de las primeras caídas registradas en España.

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